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Tweeting About Education 

It wasn’t until I realized that teachers, principals, literacy and education experts were actively using Twitter that I understood the power of this deceptively simple microblogging platform.  Twitter allows educators to build a PLN – a Personal Learning Network, and provide a forum for daily personal/professional learning and sharing. I continually add to my Twitter List of Educators that I follow, and interact with many of them regularly directly via @ messages and Direct Messages.

You can see my Twitter List of Educators here: fortheloveof_education

Educators using Twitter host and moderate user-designed chats organized by hashtag. As a life-long learner and passionate educator I regularly read and often contribute to these chats. My most-tweeted chats are #BCed (education in British Columbia), #edchat (general education), #kinderchat (Kindergarten topics and teachers), and #gtchat (Gifted and Talented education topics and teachers). I also drop in to listen in on #educoach, #ptchat and others occasionally. 

You can see my Twitter profile and tweets here: @2girlsandpoodle

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Pinteresting Education

I use Pinterest to visually bookmark websites and topics across my broad range of personal interests. I maintain a pinboard exclusively for education related pins.

You can see my Pinterest Pinboard here: Teacher-y Teachy Things

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