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Blogging About Literacy

I began blogging during my year working as an Instructional Coach in Literacy and Numeracy. I wanted a forum to share what I was realizing was a key understanding in the teaching of reading in the classroom: teachers should DO themselves what they are asking their students to do. Specifically, I was intrigued by the practice of Independent Reading in the classroom and learners “leaving tracks of their thinking” in the text. I was witnessing that the teachers I was working with were aware of passing on the “reading is thinking” message to their students, but that they were not explicitly practicing isolating the proficient reader habits as they were instructing their students to do. So, I chose a text and began blogging my own journey through the book, leaving tracks of my thinking along the way. I still wholeheartedly believe in the importance of this mindfulness while teaching reading.

Please explore my blog about literacy, reading and teaching: Oddly Buoyant

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Guest Posting About Literacy and Family-Centered, Enriching Crafting

I have been honoured to contribute content to the Comox Valley based website Our Big Earth. The first post I shared there was about memory keeping and recording the story of you and your family over the course of one day.

You can see my guest post at Our Big Earth: Simple, Special Memory Keeping: A Day in the Life

– – – –

I also contributed a post to Our Big Earth about how parents can enrich bedtime stories with their children beyond a straight and simple oral reading of the text. In this post I shared the conversations that I had with my daughter as we read and enjoyed a single story book together, demonstrating the deeper and broader meaning we can make even from something as simple as a child’s picture book, as well as how we can make literacy and learning a part of everyday life easily.

You can see my guest post at Our Big Earth: Connecting to Kids Through Books

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I contributed a guest post to the Canadian mom-lifestyle blog Momicon about handmade crafting with your children, specifically sharing a Valentine’s craft how-to.

You can see my guest post on Momicon: Sew Sweet Hearts

– – – –

New endeavours are in the works, and you can read more about those crafty things here at my new kids/craft related blog:  knick knack kids craft studio

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  1. Wed February 15 2012 2:09 pm

    Beautiful inspiring post.

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