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I was fortunate to complete my undergraduate studies in my hometown community which boasts a small, intimate yet academically rigorous university. I have a broad range of intellectual interests. Ultimately I chose to complete a Liberal Arts Degree and focused my studies on English and Philosophy.  You can find a general overview of my Liberal Arts Degree program here, as well as more specific course requirements of the program here, as currently offered.  My natural love of these topics and ability to succeed at academic work led me to graduation with additional credits. You can see my university transcript here.

I went on to complete a Bachelor of Education, qualifying me to teach in the Primary and Junior grades (K-8).  You can find more information about the current offering of Nipissing University’s B.Ed program here and see my transcript of completion here.

I began my teaching career in Calgary, Alberta with the Calgary Catholic School District as a Substitute Teacher, then a Contract Teacher, and finally achieving permanent contract status with the District. I was pleased to learn and grow as an educator through teaching Kindergarten in the District, beginning with the half-day program and then implementing a new full day Kindergarten class as part of an AISI Initiative within Cycle II. My involvement with the AISI Initiative mandated regular and intensive professional development within the District related to teaching and learning in Kindergarten, at-risk learners, literacy learning and intervention as well as numeracy learning and interventions. Part of the Initiative also focused on communication and engagement with our students’ home caregivers, which afforded me opportunity to develop, trouble-shoot and refine communications with home and how make a strong connection and partnership. Some strategies I introduced included a monthly Open House Afternoon, inviting caregivers into the classroom to learn and play alongside their child, as well as a workshop/demonstration on how to read a story aloud with a child to engage them in thinking and interacting with comprehension and meaning of the text. During this time I also mentored a colleague who was new to the grade level.

When we relocated back to our home province of Ontario, I continued to teach Kindergarten with the Kawartha-Pine Ridge District School Board and then was thrilled to be hired as part of the District’s team of Instructional Coaches, working with both students and teachers on effective teaching and learning strategies in areas of need as identified by their provincial standardized test scores with the primary goal being to increase student learning. A key focus of this role was helping schools implement and navigate through the School Effectiveness Framework which you can read more about here. This year was challenging and highly rewarding professionally. It also mandated intensive and frequent professional development as well as a personal commitment to professional reading and growth in areas in and out of my own comfort zone. You can see a description of the role of an Instructional Coach here.

Since 2009 we have resided in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith area of Vancouver Island and we have two school-aged children attending public school. I have recently been offered a position as a Teacher On Call with School District 68, which was a competitive process. The District received over 200 applications for only 20 open spots on the TOC list. I am very honoured to be among the short list selected to teach in our communities. You can see a cover letter I wrote as application to a teaching position, pertinent to the literacy- and early-learning of children in our community and my background as a Kindergarten Teacher, here.

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Please continue reading about my passion for literacy and education on the page Blogging and Social Media.

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