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index-card-a-day challenge 2012!

Mon June 04 2012

icad 2012 day 1

i’m all in for daisy yellow’s index- a-card-a-day challenge this month (that will link you to the FAQ page all about icad over at Tammy’s blog). i did this challenge last year too, but only blogged the first few cards. you can see them here.

for this year’s index cards i have decided (until i un-decide) to make each card as a six word memoir about my day, in whatever fashion strikes me. maybe this is a reflection of my little love affair with twitter and it’s 140 characters? i do like the challenge of precision, and slicing right down to the heart of the matter. it’s also fun that it’s for me, by me, so there’s no wrong way to interpret my day in six words. just one index card, one day, siz word, and whatever arty elements i am drawn to.


poodle puppy love

Tue February 14 2012

he’s here! in fact today we celebrate officially being 12 weeks old, and home with us for 5 weeks!

meet Huxley 🙂

he is 8 weeks old in these photos and such a handsome boy 🙂

Our heartfelt thanks to Dianne Hopper of Carrington Standard Poodles for sharing the love, companionship and joy that only Standard Poodles can offer with our family. A house is not a home without one 😀

poodle love

Fri December 30 2011

we are preparing to welcome a new addition to the family: a boy poodle puppy. while we do that, we are celebrating and missing our poodle girl, who gave us six sweet years of puppy love. xo daisylion


going rogue

Wed August 17 2011
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there’s a fiercely independent streak amongst all living things residing at our address….

summer on the island

Tue August 16 2011

the sun is shining, the water is glittering, the kids are laughing.  summer is good.

have a look at the scene around here:
















































































One Week in the Life: Day 2 with doodles on photos, date tabs and hand writing

Thu July 28 2011

I’m mostly working one day behind with my Week in the Life book, and that’s working out well for me. I am downloading my camera at the end of each day, choosing and editing my photos and maybe printing them. It looks like the next morning is when I’m ready to put it all in my book, once the day has relaxed a bit in my mind.

Here’s the full completed page. The left side paper is the back of the paper bag/kraft paper, and the right side paper is a green textured cardstock. I added in a receipt from our local grocery store from my late evening trip to get some much desired ice cream. I circled the time stamp on the receipt (7:00pm!).

I’m really enjoying writing right on my photos, adding extra little bits of story. Here I used my white gel pen, and also doodled on some of the photos too. I’ve got some washi tape as a background detail, and I wrote some funny things my four-year old said today right on top of the tape.

I kept on doodling – I drew some sudsy bubbles on the dog, and labeled my dad in the photo. The journaling also mentions that he bathed the dog with us, but he’s not really identifiable in the photo so I thought I’d make that clear and have a little fun with the open at the same time. During this day my husband and I were chatting on facebook, and I included a screen shot of our chat window. We used to write a lot of emails to each other way back when (and send postcards), and I still enjoy communicating with him in that way. It makes my day, often.

I made these date tabs for each day of my week in the life week. The cardboard is a torn starbucks cup sleeve, and by the leftover ink on the corner of this one, I must have been using it to stamp texture on something else previously.

I didn’t think I would title each day’s page, like a traditional scrapbook page (nor did I especially want to title them), but it seems I am doing exactly that. Old habits die hard? Not sure. It adds a little to the story, which is nice. I used vertical pieces of washi tape in a pattern, and made my title on top in just my handwriting and an alpha. When I first started scrapbooking (15 years ago? more? eeps. I don’t know!) I ALWAYS hand lettered my page titles and I find the more I get back to paper (after years of digiscrap), the more I still love hand lettering and handwriting. The imperfect and wonky nature of it is all part of the charm, and the documenting – it’s mine, and will always be a reminder of me, if anyone returns to these pages without me.

(something else I have loved nearly all my life is the comma splice. sorry about that, can’t help it)

One Week in the Life: (more) Day 1

Wed July 27 2011

I started my Week in the Life project on Sunday, and I am putting each day together in my handmade book as I go through the week. This works for me – I know that I just won’t go back to it if I wait. I posted about the book I made for this project here, and I posted an early look at Day 1 here. Here is more about my Day 1:

This is the completed page. I printed the photos at home, using a digital template to divide a 4×6 photo size to print multiple photos, and cut them apart. The template is one I made for my December Daily photos (the folder for which is still on my ‘desktop’!).

When I was prepping my book before the week started, I made date tabs for each day of the week. I stamped the date with my date stamp onto a piece of ledger paper from my thrifted/vintage paper collection, snipped them into slender rectangles and stapled them onto a torn piece of corrugated cardboard that is actually the underside of a Starbucks cup sleeve.

Doodle scribbles in white gel pen make a gentle pattern in the background, over a magenta gouache wash on a vintage book page. A flower shapes punched out of an index card, with a clear button on top. I like to make my own details and embellishments, and I like to use what I have.

I prepped the interior pages with colours and some pattern ahead of time. This kraft page, which is a paper grocery bag, got some circles stamped with the end of a paper towel tube. I used some kind of craft paint varnish, so it just made translucent patterns. I only thought to do this because it was one of the first bottles I pulled out when I went looking for some craft paint to use. Happy surprises are so much fun. I used Ali Edwards’ ‘daily sheets’ to jot down things during the day, and when I sat down to write the journaling for this page (the next morning), I was able to write a summary of the day from all those notes.

One of my photos from today. I haven’t been taking too many photos at all this summer so far, so this is a perfect project to get the camera back out and back into taking more photos. I normally shoot in P or sometimes Av, but since I’ve started using the camera more this week I find I have it switched to Manual, and am actually enjoying changing settings to get the shot I want, and then editing my RAW images. This is a major step in my attitude and skills with my DSLR! Loving it.

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