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We are a pretty ordinary normal family of four, and a poodle.  We have just made our THIRD cross-Canada residential move in nine years, and I have no plans to go anywhere else for a long time, thank you very much.

1) North Bay to Calgary 2) Calgary to Port Hope 3) Port Hope to Ladysmith.

That’s 3 provinces.  Three surrender-and-get-a-new-driver’s licences.  Three pack and unpacks.  Three provincial road maps (or GPS, if you’re smart and catch on like my husband).

ordinary normal is us, in Ladysmith.  Leaving Ontario meant leaving our little bits of family behind, so I am blogging here to help keep us in touch in the everyday story way, and to help me make sense of all of life’s moments.

While I am choosing to blog some stories of life and share some photos, I am choosing to share as characters – meet the cast:

Big Daddy is my husband.  I never actually call him this, only in my head sometimes because it goes with his first name {in my head}. Otherwise, his personality and smartitude is big!   Married in 2000 in Province No.  1, Daddy to the following creatures:

The Bug is our EIGHT!! NINE!! year old girl.  We do call her this sometimes.  She was wee when she was born, and she reminded me of The Very Hungry Caterpillar – a little egg lay on a leaf.  She looked like a tiny bug in the big world.  She’s growing up now, and is not wee and tiny, but is still as cute as a bug. Born in Province No. 2.

The Turkey is our 3 AND A HALF FOUR!! year old girl.  She is a turkey.  We call her this all time.  I am at a loss as to how to describe her her zesty, love lifey personality otherwise. Also born in Province No. 2, days before move No. 2.

The Poodle is our black, purebred, Champion, Standard Poodle. Also referred to by other terms not appropriate to mention here.  Adorable, zesty herself, loving to a fault.  Born in Province No. 3, added to the family in Province No. 2, returning to her roots in move No.3, sort of.

Me is me.  I post as 2girlsandapoodle and previously here and there as oddlybuoyant, which refers/referred to my other neglected blog in which I blog about things related to reading and teaching reading, and Twilight, of course.  I try to manage all the characters listed above,  and myself too.  Tall order.  Thank heavens for coffee.  And Internet.  And Twilight.  And bugs, and turkeys, and daddies and poodles, and blogs. Oh my.

I am a teacher. I completed my B.Ed in Ontario, somewhat tardily on the heels of my glorious B.A. in English & Philosophy. Then we went and did 1) above, and welcomed our Bug, rather simultaneously . I lucked out in Alberta with great administrators and colleagues and taught Kindergarten. Turns out I just *might* be silly enough for Kindergarten after all. I am certainly passionate enough about our littlest learners. I wrangled centres and readalouds and zippers in the traditional half-day K format, and was again lucky enough to involved with the AISI full-day Kindergarten project for three years. That’s when we went and introduced the world to our Turkey, and we completed the return trip: number 2) listed above. Again, with the incredible administrators, I spent an alternating-day year in Junior/Senior Kindergarten, where I got a taste of all the good things to come. Without that year I would not have continued on to have the best job ever (for me, others disagree I know!) as an Instructional Coach in Literacy & Numeracy. Not an easy job necessarily, not smooth-sailing to say the least, but full of the things I love best about education, and a healthy dose of things I don’t. Indescribable amounts of professional learning and thinking and talking. It was like winning the teacher lottery (yes, now you know the kind of nerd I am). Now that we’re here – see 3) above – and that Turkey baby is about to start her own Kindergarten career, I am filled with eager anticipation about where education in BC will take me, and where I can help it to go, if I am lucky again. Corny, but true. Nice to meet you.


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  1. verachuckanddave permalink
    Mon July 13 2009 12:19 pm

    I like it.

  2. mom permalink
    Thu July 23 2009 6:57 am

    I did not know Rogers oatmeal was from BC, I buy their porridge oats. BC cherries are better than Ontario cherries. This blog is very entertaining. dig you later….

    • oddlybuoyant permalink*
      Thu July 23 2009 8:49 am

      it’s fun to read the small print!

  3. Cathy permalink
    Sun August 02 2009 7:49 am

    LOVING this blog! Just found it & you are so talented! Love the names / photos as well! I’d been wondering what you’ve been up to & now I know! Continue to enjoy! I will be checking in!

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