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Summer reading

Wed July 11 2012


I am determined to read more this summer. I love reading & miss it during the busyness of the school year (with school aged kids & working in the school system). My 10 year old reads voraciously all year long. I love the memories & associations of dangling sandy feet off the end of vinyl couches, absorbed in a book quite possibly not appropriate for my age; angling the pages of a book so as not to be blinded by their glint in the summer sunshine; waking in the early morning light to grab the open book in the pillows to pick up where sleep took over; reading reading reading.

Some summertimes demand silly reading selections which I revel in (I seem to at least manage to read the complete Harry Potter series each summer), and I’ve spent much of my regular reading time in the last year or two indulging in Young Adult books, which I also revel in. I have no plans to stop either of those paths, but am also keen for more typical grown up fiction, which I’ve been missing. I am also, like many teachers, reserving some reading time for professional reading over the summer. Sounds like a duty, but often non-fiction reading is just as enjoyable a pursuit as fiction. All year long I read, skim, and browse non-fiction on a wide range if topics. My library “recently returned” list is staggering.

Just for fun I’m going to keep a running list of what I’ve read during this summer (July & August), despite a lack of prizes for which my kids are keeping a log for thanks to the library’s Summer Reading Club.

I issue no promises that this will represent a list of impressive literature selections or anything of the sort. My main book-selection strategy is whatever leaps off the shelves at me, and whatever captures my attention & imagination within the first two pages (or the first paragraph), and my second most used strategy is if I “feel” like reading a particular title. Very highbrow, English major stuff, I know.

Summer Reading 2012: Listed

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Vol 1: Phantom by (created by) L.J. Smith

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong

The Family Album by Kerry Kelly

Juliet by Anne Fortier

to be continued…


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