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Index-card-a-day challenge: working with a prompt! b & w

Wed June 13 2012

{hello! so happy to have you visit! i’m hosting an icad challenge post today > read more about icad here!}

Personally I love rules and guidelines since they so handily delineate jumping off points, boundaries from which I can cheerfully veer in a direction of my choosing. Once past, I enjoy looking back and seeing where I am, where I went, how I got there. Sometimes that little bit of tethering helps.

For my icad card I’m sharing today, I specifically chose a prompt and consciously kept it in mind. I don’t usually, but it’s fun to throw it into the mix sometimes. I chose “b + w” and immediately wanted to work in those limited colours. Nearly everything is better in black and white 😉

I had been thinking on it in the back of my mind for a day or so, and during that time collage sprang in and stuck. Okay, b + w collage it was!

I’m also working this challenge as six-word memoirs of my days. Then I began thinking on the b+ w prompt not only as a visual prompt, but as the more broad black vs white that comes into play in life, in relationships, understanding other points of view, seeing those rules, boundaries and directions. I do love it when my thoughts wander an interesting path…

Today’s icad took on the form of advice to my little family in the how of navigating the black and white of the world, of our family days, of what matters most. How surprising. Not really what I set out to do.

Making the card itself was pure play. I grabbed some old book pages, an old children’s book illustrated in black and white, and some magazines, for collage supplies:20120611-115443.jpg

I dragged some white paint on my index card, just so it didn’t feel so bare to begin. Then I scribbled some mod podge on randomly, and not very consistently. I laid a book page over that and burnished it a but, hoping some of the black text and page would transfer over, which happily it did (i’m impatient, so the chances of waiting long enough for the podge to grab anything were slim):


I snipped some black and white images that appealed to me, with the image of the boy and girl adventuring onwards hand in hand really calling to me. I glued the pictures down along the edge of my card, then flipped it over and cut all the overhang away.

Then came the text. I love writing, words are one of my most favourite things in the world. Often to find the right ones i just sort if open my mind and let them come to me. They do. Today six words was all I could use. I spied the stamp I’d carved the other day still on my work surface, dear. There was a start. dear us. What did we need to know about the black and whiteness of things?

I used my sharpie pen, two sets of rubber alpha stamps, and one word sliced out of a rolling stone article on nicki minaj (because no, I wasn’t saving that one for special).

In all the black and white business, it was our connection to each other that was rising to the surface, so the only colour I allowed myself was a pencil/crayon pink heart of a highlight on those hands

This is what I particularly love about Tammy’s icad challenge – its so short and sweet that it can become whatever you want. A doodle. A couple of words. An exploration. It’s all good, it’s all art, all yours.

my other icad cards blogged here & here and some of last year’s here

Click here to read Tammy’s optional prompts for this week of her icad challenge and the line up of wickedly creative hostessess she’s got lined up for this week of prompts.

Click here to see the flickr pool of awesomeness icad is inspiring!

Big thanks to Tammy of daisy yellow for inviting me to share today, and for inviting us into the habit & inspiration of a little bit of artfulness a day!

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  1. 2girlsandapoodle permalink*
    Wed June 13 2012 7:32 am

    Reblogged this on knick knack kids craft studio and commented:

    originally posted at my personal blog ordinary normal. creative prompts and tiny canvases with the index-card-a-day challenge!

  2. Wed June 13 2012 10:41 pm

    Super fun black + white experiments. Thank you for hostessing the index-card-a-day challenge today!!!

  3. Thu June 14 2012 5:29 am

    Such a pretty card!

  4. Thu June 14 2012 7:19 am

    I absolutely love this card. I love the way the woman’s body has the bird head. six word memoir is such a great challenge. I may try that!

  5. Fri June 15 2012 7:48 am

    Oh I love this! I will have to try this challenge for sure! Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

  6. Fri June 15 2012 9:01 pm

    I love this card, so much fun and it came out so well!! 🙂

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