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icad day 2: one route, six words

Thu June 07 2012

this card was fun. sticking with the “six word memoir” idea for the second day in a row (kudos, self!) it popped into my head to make something to do with a map, or our sunday afternoon day trip trajectory.

i gathered up some supplies, which turned out to be a card, some watercolour paints and some papers (two different ledger papers i’d previously thrifted, a book page, and a scrap of watercolour paper with colours on it from something else i once did):


Once I did that I felt like tearing and glueing some paper, so that’s what I did next:


After a little contemplation, I swiped some white acrylic paint on, then off, so the ledger lines and book page type weren’t quite so bossy. Then I used the google maps app on my iPhone to get the general shape of the route we took on our afternoon adventure and pencilled it on my card. It just seemed to be asking me to stitch the route with needle and thread, so I did. Then I sat with it a while, watching Top Gear with my husband, until the six words sorted themselves out in my mind. I doodled those with my 10year old daughter’s purple gel pen!

I stil have to add the date stamp, but here is my tiny memoir of a nice family Sunday done, and making the card was almost as much fun as the day itself 🙂

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