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poodle puppy love

Tue February 14 2012

he’s here! in fact today we celebrate officially being 12 weeks old, and home with us for 5 weeks!

meet Huxley 🙂

he is 8 weeks old in these photos and such a handsome boy 🙂

Our heartfelt thanks to Dianne Hopper of Carrington Standard Poodles for sharing the love, companionship and joy that only Standard Poodles can offer with our family. A house is not a home without one 😀

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  1. Tue February 21 2012 12:53 pm

    I AM TRY TO REACH SOMEONE THAT CALLED ME FROM CANADa from UR ORGANAZATION MY MESS HERE AT WORK WAS CUT IN HALF AND THE # was left but will not go through i will be at work till 815 tonight or home after 9 413-344-4446 if someone could call me back reguarding the little red poodle in alabama owner’s name is marilyn and i would love to bring him home as soon asap

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