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One Week in the Life: (more) Day 1

Wed July 27 2011

I started my Week in the Life project on Sunday, and I am putting each day together in my handmade book as I go through the week. This works for me – I know that I just won’t go back to it if I wait. I posted about the book I made for this project here, and I posted an early look at Day 1 here. Here is more about my Day 1:

This is the completed page. I printed the photos at home, using a digital template to divide a 4×6 photo size to print multiple photos, and cut them apart. The template is one I made for my December Daily photos (the folder for which is still on my ‘desktop’!).

When I was prepping my book before the week started, I made date tabs for each day of the week. I stamped the date with my date stamp onto a piece of ledger paper from my thrifted/vintage paper collection, snipped them into slender rectangles and stapled them onto a torn piece of corrugated cardboard that is actually the underside of a Starbucks cup sleeve.

Doodle scribbles in white gel pen make a gentle pattern in the background, over a magenta gouache wash on a vintage book page. A flower shapes punched out of an index card, with a clear button on top. I like to make my own details and embellishments, and I like to use what I have.

I prepped the interior pages with colours and some pattern ahead of time. This kraft page, which is a paper grocery bag, got some circles stamped with the end of a paper towel tube. I used some kind of craft paint varnish, so it just made translucent patterns. I only thought to do this because it was one of the first bottles I pulled out when I went looking for some craft paint to use. Happy surprises are so much fun. I used Ali Edwards’ ‘daily sheets’ to jot down things during the day, and when I sat down to write the journaling for this page (the next morning), I was able to write a summary of the day from all those notes.

One of my photos from today. I haven’t been taking too many photos at all this summer so far, so this is a perfect project to get the camera back out and back into taking more photos. I normally shoot in P or sometimes Av, but since I’ve started using the camera more this week I find I have it switched to Manual, and am actually enjoying changing settings to get the shot I want, and then editing my RAW images. This is a major step in my attitude and skills with my DSLR! Loving it.

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