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One Week in the Life: beginnings & Day 1

Mon July 25 2011

This week I am making time for documenting our everyday along with Ali Edwards and her Week in the Life project. I spent last week making and prepping my book / foundation pages, which was a lot of fun. I can’t seem to make the binder album / tidy clean page protector pages style work for me (although I love appreciating the ones that others make, and find them inspiring!), so after a minute of pondering it I threw that idea out and went about making my own in my own style. I’ve also been hugely inspired by Donna Downey lately and her Inspiration Wednesday videos, as well as Amy Tangerine’s journal making style. I think all influences are pretty obvious in my result! The past month of so of life has not been conducive to craftiness, and I am relishing the chance to bust out some gouache and sharpies!

Ali Edwards has a free download of ‘daily pages’ for recording the little things as they happen, and they are a huge help for me, since i easily forget things if i don’t write them down. I also know myself and my style, so I am making my actual book as the week progresses. I know if I wait until next week to ‘do’, and just ‘gather’ this week, it just won’t happen. I admire those who can work this way, but I know that it doesn’t work for me, and I am SO okay with doing things my own way (BIG ‘Wink’ to that, if you know me personally!).

I noticed when I was working on my page for yesterday that I used the daily pages for reference, telling the story of the day with the events i recorded, but didn’t use all of the information. Since I recorded a lot that I didn’t transfer to my actual page, I think I will compile all the daily pages at the end and bind them and add them somehow to my book. I like saving the notes recorded in the moment as well.

I have lots to share about my process and progress, but the day has already begun and needs me to be present, so more will have to wait! I look forward to following along with Ali and everyone who is documenting and sharing, I love community creative endeavours like this!

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