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#icad – Index-Card-A-Day – My Day: 4

Wed June 08 2011

i took a day “off” from ICAD on Sunday, and so subsequently forgot about it the next day… but I remembered, and made time for a little doodle yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I think it really is good for the soul! This is more about actual CHANGE, than it is about Sheryl Crow 😉 Much-o presto-change-o going on, all around. MY bestie even blogged about change ( @ Momicon )- it’s on all of our minds. It is just that time of year, is it that our society seems to be at epic crossroads in so many ways, or does thirty-something just unavoidably cause these great long stretches of reflection and uncertainty? Parenthood is definitely a hair-raising, change-a-minute kind of endeavour, but it seems the change that is afoot, or the desire for change, is of a different order. Hm. All of the above I suppose. What’s a girl to do? Just keep swimming, I guess!

[supplies: a paint swatch, a ultra-fine point black Sharpie, a white Sharpie China marker, a purple-y Sharpie from the 80’s glam set, a red pencil crayon that i found loitering in the living room, a turquiose ballpoint pen from the kitchen]
(see it on flickr)

happy swimming!

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