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#icad – index card a day – Day: 2

Fri June 03 2011

icad Day 2

a half hour or so creativity play before bed time, i dig that. i coloured the  background with pencil crayons whilst watching something on the tv, then played with the other layers standing at my dining table before turning on the dishwasher and calling it a day.  ….a good day!!

[supplies:   this is a card catalogue card from a junior high school library. i meant to use the other side with the book info, but clearly forgot. the blue-y background layers are strips of a packing tape transfer made from some artist papers from a stampington somerset memories magazine. the hearts and the “human” are my 4 year old’s drawings. yes, she calls them “humans” – SO funny. the pink journaling strips are post-it notes cut up. recycled newspaper pencil crayons stolen from my 4 year old (O’Bon), again, and a black Bic pen, and a white gel pen. fancy stuff! oh, and a kid glue stick]

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  1. Fri June 03 2011 9:19 am

    Gorgeous card! “humans” – great!

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