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10 years of us: an anniversary scrapbox

Wed January 19 2011

After years of oogling Darcy Miller’s scrapboxes, first seen courtesy of Martha Stewart, i finally finally put one together. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary just after Christmas, and I thought it was a nice complement to the scrapBOOK I made my husband for his wedding gift (which was titled The Incredible Love Story of You & I if you care to know that much). (Incidentally, he gave me beautiful diamond earrings as my wedding present, and I gave him a scrapbook. Um, yeah…) And, if you don’t mind me patting myself on the back, it’s AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. It’s full and busy, unlike some of Miller’s boxes that are more spare, but I had 10 years to celebrate. That’s a decade, you know. I would love to make more of these and one day have a lovely gallery wall of boxes, celebrating  big and little moments of our lives.

When you look closely at Miller’s boxes, you will see that she makes full use of the depth of the shadowboxes. A-ha! This is crucial. Items are adhered right onto the back wall of the frame, right under the glass, and at varying depths between.  Somewhere on the Martha site, that I can’t find the link to again, is a video clip of her explaining that she does this simply by stacking small pieces of foam core board to achieve the depth desired. I made do with cardboard, no problem. No matter what you use, these layers are so key in the filling of the box!

In mine, the family photo in the centre of the frame is actually taped right to the back side of the glass. It also has a little tag notice stating “Insert Here: 2010 family photo” since I realized we don’t have a recent one of all four of us (or one at all?), and the best I could do was this one of us when we were three. We’re missing a whole child!  Clearly a goal of 2011 for me is to have a family portrait taken, whether it’s a self-timer shot or otherwise.


At the very rear i covered some cardstock the same size as the frame with aluminum tape — aluminum and/or tin is apparently the material for 10th anniversary. Onto that I placed most of the paper items in a single layer, and then added a dimensional layer consisting of an adorable photo of each of the girls near the top. I added more layers at the bottom end of the frame by including the linen bag our ring bearer carried down the aisle and then I tucked a note I’ve saved all these years into it. I also placed a ring box resting on the very bottom.

We had all of 50 wedding invitations printed, and we have had two leftover, tucked in that scrapbook all this time. Since we designed them ourselves and had them printed the exact way we wanted, it’s extremely special to me to have one in this display. Our invitations were three paper layers – heavy textured cardstock on the outside, heavyweight matte paper in the middle with a photo printed on one side, and a sheet of vellum on the inside that all the text was printed on. To include the invitation in the scrapbox, I had to rearrange the layers and tucked the textured cardstock cover inside the other two, and just let the text at the bottom of it peek out (Ever My Love), and left the photo sheet and vellum layered as they were originally. I wanted to include a photo of us taken on a cruise vacation but it didn’t look right out in the rest of the layout, so I tucked it under the vellum as well where it didn’t cover any key part of our invitation photo.

I used exactly what I had already, and what I could find in my excellent organizational system (oh yeah). I didn’t have any new photos printed or anything special made or bought to do this, other than the frame itself (thank you Michael’s coupons) and some double-sided tape. All of the photos were taken out of storage albums or off of the fridge. I trimmed them with scissors (SO precise!), and selected a few to ‘extract’ us from the backgrounds, and again just used my scissors to do that. I used a few straight pins as well as the double-sided tape to affix everything.

I love that so many special mememtos I’ve had squirreled away over the years have come together to document and celebrate this past decade of our lives, and that it continues the story started in the wedding gift scrapbook.  Now we just have to get it on a wall!

and here is the annotated version:

i could NOT find any other images online when I was searching and researching before jumping in and trying this, so if you have a photo or blog post about your scrapbox please leave a link so I can check it out! love all the inspiration I can find!

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  1. eleanorrigby permalink
    Thu January 20 2011 12:00 pm

    Zowie!! Nice!

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