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holiday daytripping on Vancouver Island

Wed January 05 2011

we drive. that’s mainly what we do for family entertainment, and have always done so, even back when we were two and not four. sometimes it’s just for the drive, sometimes there’s an awesome destination at the other end. i have hard drives full of destination photos from the Rocky Mountains to the Badlands to the Bay of Quinte already, and love adding our truly awesome destinations here on Vancouver Island to our story.

we met the ducks at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, having a mid-day snack:

and some of the squirrels, also enjoying some take-out:




our last daytrip of 2010 was, of course, to Tofino (and only a drive-by of Ucluelet this time). you can’t keep us away from this place, and we don’t even surf! although that littlest kid up there, she’d be the type to slide along on top of speeding water… (hey, if she can CHANNEL that energy+enthusiasm into something= super cool, whatever it is!). as for the way the following photos look, since this was not the first time we’ve been, and it will not be the last, i brought along my lensbaby to see what i could make it do (or not do, as the case may be)!

seek shelter:

view from shelter (i think this is a good time to insert a reminder that this is DECEMBER, folks. the day before the last day of december. as in, the end of december. if you’re from elsewhere in canada (or elsewhere still), you might not recognize this as any sort of december you’re familiar with, so i thought i’d better point this out. and offer you my sincere condolences!):

the muse (and my overall ineptitude fearless experimentation with manual settings) yielded some interesting things. i have a little sequence of these shots, and i happen to love them. i will spare you the eye-blinding repetition though and just offer up this one:

it’s truly spectacular. if you haven’t ever been, you have to put Long Beach on your life list:


can’t wait to see where 2011 takes us!

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