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december first: the final photo

Fri December 03 2010

my plan is to add only one print per page in my december daily album, but i don’t want that to mean only one photo.  i have to say that i looked at all my favourite digital scrapbooking stores for a ready made 4×6 template for photos, and didn’t find anything exactly as i wanted it. i could have, but didn’t want to, modify a template i already had to become a 4×6. so i made my own, which is not hard, if you’re into digi. it’s just a simple, clean and clear grid layout. this way i can print more than one photo on my 4×6 print, and change it to suit the orientation of the photos i’ve chosen for each day.

my december first 4×6:


to make my template, i created a new blank file in PSE and used the pre-set 4×5 photo size in portrait create the clipping masks for my photos, i made the size and shape i wanted with my rectangular marquee tool on a new layer, and then selected “fill selection” from the Edit menu. i chose to fill it with a green colour, just to stay festive. i repeated those steps to make all three rectangular clipping masks where the photos will go, and did a little tweaking on the sizes to make sure they were equal and fairly balanced. i am sure there is a way to do this according to measurements, but i tend to do things according to eyeball. works for me. then i was able to drag my photos in and clip them into their places using the Alt-key and clicking between the photo layer and the mask layer.  ta-da. a custom 4×6 sized print with my three photos!

happy december!

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