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december: first

Thu December 02 2010

it’s very important to me to keep this casual and fun, and not to get too into deep thoughts (unless i happen to want to) or the matchy-matchy-perfect-scrapbooky mindset (not my default usually anyway, but it’s easy to get swept up in it). i am so pleased that the album and foundation pages i have prepared, and the ‘accessories’ i have on hand are really purposefully designed and collected to keep it in the real zone. if it’s going to continue like it’s starting, this is going to be really, really fun!

here is december: first of my december daily 2010 —

keeping it really real, i typed the point form-ish journaling during the day on my manual typewriter (on the dining room table), and i literally used a scrap of ledger paper leftover from something else. when i was done the typing i trimmed the edges to fit the text and the page, taped it on with some washi tape, added a simple cluster of a square of red, textured cardstock, a button heart glued onto some kraft paper, and doodled a frame on the page with my sharpie. see — causal, done, and totally mine.

the right side is for a 4×6 or 5×7 photo or photos, but i plan to print these on the weekend and add them in. i am not printing at home, so it’s not really feasible to print one a day at any local-ish print place, and leaving them all to the end is to overwhelming a task to be fun at all, so at the end of the week sounds great to me. i might print one full photo, or i might make a digital template to collage a few photos together on the single print, in a grid or some sort (i am not fancy scrapping any of this, digi-style!)

other than the photos, i have one other thing to add to today’s documentation. this year the advent calendar i put together for my two girls is a Christmas storybook countdown – i was up until midnight last night wrapping them all!  so it occurred to me that it would be a special memory addition to have my oldest print the titles of the stories we unwrap and read each day and include that on the page. then i have a record of her handwriting at almost-nine, and a record of the books we read when we were almost-nine, and four. in a year or two we will have moved on from Santa stories and storybooks with Max and Ruby or Junie B Jones in them, so it will be especially nice to have some specific memories of this time, this season.

happy december!

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  1. Thu December 02 2010 1:43 am

    I love your first page! Thanks for sharing.

    Your storybook advent calender idea is amazing and such a lovely thing to do for your children.

  2. verachuckanddave permalink
    Thu December 02 2010 3:26 am

    Your Advent calender stack of books is a beautiful thing. What a great idea.

  3. Thu December 02 2010 3:28 am

    Love the journaling using a typewriter 🙂

  4. Thu December 02 2010 6:20 am

    Love your typewritten journaling, it’s very you! Printing at the end of the week sounds like a good plan. You’re one step ahead of me in that you have a plan… Not sure what I am doing for photos yet. Are you doing one every day?

    And of course we’re dying to know what game the Miss is playing?

    • 2girlsandapoodle permalink*
      Thu December 02 2010 8:29 am

      yes, my “plan” is to take photos every day of whatever it occurs to me to take photos of. those are the only three that turned out at all yesterday (having to do with having to manual focus my lens and barely any daylight), so that decision was made for me!

      i have no idea what she’s playing, actually. she has a general obsession with the banjo kazooie nuts and bolts or whatever it’s called, but i think she was just playing trial games yesterday. the little one loves to watch and “talk” – she narrates a story (with lots of dialogue) to whatever’s happening in the games. it’s hilarious.

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