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Mon November 08 2010


this from the girl who never finished her denim sausage bag in junior high home ec class…  a while back my 8 year old and i sat and tore some of our fabric scraps, fat quarter finds, and thrifted fabrics into strips and made some rosettes. i am pretty sure we used alisa burke’s tutorial to help us out with that (if you like mixed-media arty inspiration, she’s fantastic). it was a fun thing to do together – one of us wrapped and rolled and the other (hot) glued {ouch}. we made lots…. then they sat around for quite a while… until one day i was possessed to make a pillow with them.

that’s some thrifted fabric and some Anna Maria Horner fabric scraps

it was so FUN and really liberating to realize that there are simply really no rules if i don’t want there to be! i don’t need a pattern, heck, i might not even always need to measure stuff 😉 all you need is an idea. then=go!

i used some of my unbleached muslin that i have such a love affair with, and made it up as i went. i crazy stitched the pillow together – zigs and zags and reverse and forward again, why not. i am pretty sure that my love of this kind of stitching comes from digital scrapbooking — using digital stitches on digital pages is also so fun and liberating!

i stitched the stems of the flowers with my sewing machine as well, then got out some embroidery floss and did some handstitching for fun. because i made the actual pillow itself in such an unorthodox way, i did some fat cross-stitches underneath the folds that are both decorative and functional (keeping the corners together). they’re like a little hidden secret, i like that.

i have made and attempted to make a lot of things in the recent past, and this is by far my favourite success. not only did i make some parts of it with my daughter, it’s a really visual reminder for me — a craft and artsy lover, but totally unpedigreed – that sometimes all it takes is the willingness to TRY IT!

{i can even hem pants now! serious. check this out = awesome! isn’t the internet fabulous?!}

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  1. Sun November 21 2010 1:40 pm

    That is awesome! Love it!

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