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whistling and painting

Fri November 05 2010

waaay back when my three-year old turned to four (all of seven weeks ago), we had a little family celebration rather than a preschool pinata party bash. that’s about my speed nowadays, but she knows enough about birthdays to know that “party” has something to do with birthdays. {as does chocolate cake.} so to satisfy the party animals that live in my zoo, we had a “painting party” to celebrate the long-awaiting turning to four occasion. what exactly is a painting party, you ask? did we spread out drop clothes and graffiti on the living room walls before rolling on that lush finishing coat of some fancifully named low-VOC pigment? nope. we spread the drop cloth out on the dining table and all four of us got a canvas, some craft paints and brushes, and some ephemera just for fun. and we all made veeeeery different things!

this isn’t scrapbooking or heartfelt writing, yet i can’t seem to do anything without a message. without wanting it to mean something, the process AND the product.  without having a lesson somewhere in there. without wanting it all to affirm and reaffirm. and, of course, can’t do any of that without some They Might Be Giants. c’mon.

(what? don’t you reference 90’s alternative music lyrics AND shakespeare in your parenting techniques? eeps.)

THINE. yes i know. THINE…


thank you 1990’s, you taught me an assortment of valuable life lessons…

















































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