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Christmas in November

Wed November 03 2010

have you been out of the house since Halloween? it’s Christmas out there already. it’s spooky how all the Halloween displays, candy and costume merchandise disappear overnight and the redgreenandgold Christmas-everything sparkles in its place the next morning. we apparently are in need of constant celebration. heaven forbid we not be in the throes of preparations, list makings, wish dreamings and idea makings at all times. yikes. Starbucks is stocked to the rafters with Christmas Blend in every imaginable form (it’s not so special anymore is it then?). boxes of chocolates and stocking stuffers assault me at the doors of the grocery store. thankfully i don’t actually go to the mall ever, i can’t imagine. it’s a wonder we find any magic left to celebrate once the actual day comes around.

although i do think that the December Daily project is one thing (that yes, can begin in October!) that does actually help us to make, find, see, focus, savour and preserve the magic of the holidays. it depends on your perspective, i guess. december is a pretty special month around here, with birthdays and anniversaries as well as Christmas itself. with all that happening, i am looking forward to documenting the things we do each day of my favourite month. i am *NOT* booking us into special event after special event, just to have something to take pictures of and prove we celebrated. that’s not my perspective: if a big chunk of these pages show us sitting on the couch watching How It’s Made, or collecting shells on the ocean shore on grey and windy days, or playing Dance Dance Revlolution after dinner, that’s perfect with me. it’s not about events and themed activities and marching the kids to every thing that says “Santa!” in the vicinity. i say no thanks to those things anyway, so it wouldn’t be an authentic December. this is just December, as it’s lived. our December.

i’ve made my December Daily foundation pages and album. i am so thrilled with how it turned out – it’s my first altered book, junk journal style. so much fun to make — no rules! i have lots of found and thrifted supplies left over so i think i a going to make a few more for friends and just because. i have christmas song ’45 records, christmas record covers, and a red book cover with “Christmas” embossed in gold on the cover demanding i make something of them too!

in the spirit of this crazy-commercial-accelerated-holiday-headspinning-timetabling, here are photos of jack o’ lanterns AND christmas:

local custom? really don’t know, only that starting the morning after Halloween these magical, unspoken Gatherings of pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns can be spotted all over the Island at the sides of the road, spooky frozen faces turned out, grinning at the world going by. if you watch them carefully, you will see their numbers grow and gather as the days go by. it’s a little bit more of the magic and one of my favourite things to see.


my December Daily album so far. watch for another post with more photos and details about materials used and interior pages, as well as how i’m going to use this for daily documenting!

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