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Wed October 13 2010

i like the occasional digiscrap challenge.  i find they are a really great way a) to get  new inspiration to try something new, and b) give me a chance to do some more philosophical or reflective memory making. this is not intentional, it just seems to happen that that’s how i respond to challenge-d layout making.  i am conscious of making my responses to challenges actually worth my while – to make pages that say something, that i want to keep, rather than “that challenge page i did”, you know, like throwaway layouts i won’t like the next time i look at it.

here is a previous challenge, and here was my response to it. that one was even picked over at gallery standouts! way cool. here is another challenge, and my take on that one here.

here is the latest challenge from liv at

the inspiration:

the rules according to liv:

1. use typography in a BIG way on your layouts. (you don’t necessarily have to do your layout the way these posters do if you don’t want to ; just use the typography on the posters as your inspiration)

2. all fonts used on your layout must be sans serif (without the little strokes at the edges of a letter)

3. everything else is free game! (don’tcha just love freedom? )


and my solution:

please click {HERE} to see the full credits for this page in the gallery: lots digigoodies from Splendid Fiins, iKari Designs and more!

i think stories like this will be special in their scrapbooks as they get older and forget to ask a million jillion questions a day.


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  1. mindy permalink
    Wed October 13 2010 5:00 pm

    This challenge was a fun one! I love your take on it with all the stitching.. your journaling is sweet too. Great job!

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