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an ordinary normal {Canadian} Thanksgiving

Tue October 12 2010

it’s just us out here, on the edge of the West Coast of Canada. and even though we’re ten years into this, we’re still forging “new” “family” traditions as a married couple and a family. and since i missed out on the documentation frenzy for 10.10.10, i thought i’d just make it happen on 11.10.10 – and really, any day’s a good day to document.

i decided to use the Journaling Hour By Hour printable PDF by Elle’s Studio and fill in the “today…” one.  each hour on the hour i jotted down just a few words about what we were doing as of that hour. brief indeed. for example:

6:00 am: ZZZZZ

1:00 pm: Monopoly

6:00 pm: Turkey + Pie

you get the idea.

I also took a photo of whatever was happening at that moment – I tried to do that right on the hour as well, but some came a little later, and that’s okay! No need to stress myself out.  Close enough.  It’s still us, after all.

This morning I downloaded my camera, sorted through my pictures, edited the ones I wanted to use, added the time, stamped on the photo in this suede font, (at 70% opacity, if you must know), and uploaded them for printing at my local one-hour place. some hours wound up with two photos – I couldn’t or didn’t want to choose. that’s okay with me too.

tonight i plan to cut and start assembling a mini album with the photos, and adding in some special little things I made sure we did with the kids yesterday (see 8:00am), along with the hour by hour tag i scribbled on all day yesterday. i’ll show you those when i get the album done and share it.

here’s a peek into our ordinary normal Thanksgiving (and it’s worth nothing that 2/4 of us were down with a cold, so we were much less perky than we might otherwise have chosen to be):

then ZZZzzzz….. thanks for joining us!

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  1. Skrapkitty permalink
    Tue November 02 2010 9:16 am

    Where did you find that cute “list of gratitudes” paper! Love it!

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