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a MISM sneak (shh) and some bowling

Sun September 26 2010

it’s so fun to see the growth happening at – from our fairly new CT to new designers to updated classes and great NEW class offerings… and *more*!! yes, there’s MORE to come! that’s all i can say. until tomorrow that is!

today i am sneak peeking my new Creative Team layout for, featuring just one of the tons of awesome new products that will launch tomorrow:


we took the kids bowling yesterday for the first time.  well, my oldest girl has been bowling a couple of times on sleepover nights with friends, but in her whole 8.5 years of life we have never gone as a family. scandalous. so we did a little Saturday morning 5-pin. finishing just in time to escape most of the birthday parties getting into full swing at the bowling alley.

in keeping with my journaling sentiments in the layout above, i was most affected by watching our four-year old take no prisoners in her first bowling date. i doubt whether she had any idea what bowling WAS prior to seeing the pins and balls in front of her.  i was amazed to watch her suddenly tall, leggy legs march determinedly  up to the line in her rented shoes and heave the ball down the lane.  when did she get so tall? where did she get all this confidence? (oh, i know the answer to that one!) how did she know what to do without any instructions whatsoever!? you go, girl.  her independence is on one hand heart-swelling – you know, where moms just might burst with pride.  and on the other hand worry-inducing, since at four she is clearly already quite willing, and looks like she intends to stay that course, do leap in and live life, in often daredevilly fashion. today, however, bowling was the perfect adventure. and no turkeys or bugs or daddies were harmed in the undertaking:

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