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fall is in the air, and vampires in our scrapbook

Wed September 15 2010

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

-You’ve Got Mail, 1998

i like september. i feel oddly in the minority on that, but it’s true. i like back to school, i like school supplies, i like the end of summer, i like the crisp in the air, i like sweaters, i like hot drinks, i like it. yes, the days get shorter and we get busier with places we have to be, not places we choose to be. yes, the days are drearier and yes, at some point i will wish for the full sun of summer, but not yet.  the fresh sharp air holds promise of change and growth and hunkering down, of hot bowls of chili,  of marshmallows pillowing the top of cocoa, holidays to celebrate and family to snuggle with.  i like it.

it’s that time of year again. the rain has already started, the air is already crisper (and damper!).

i finally scrapped the bug’s halloween costume from last year.  i will have to make a layout of “the scene” that evening too , since not only was it halloween, it was also the evening that the 2010 Olympic Torch ran through our town. so imagine, if you will, a whole street worth of sidewalk lined with the mommies and daddies and grannies and uncles and whoevers marshalling their young ones to wait and watch for the little bit of  tradition to jog past them, while all those young ones are dressed to the nines as ghoulies, witches, vampires, princesses, turtles, and plates of pasta, with their loot bags light and airy dangling from their hands, twitching for some tootsie rolls and lollipops.  a rare sight, indeed.  i have photos! we have tambourines.

last halloween was definitely in keeping with the theme of the year for us – vampires. oh yes. we were (and still are, to be truthful) saturated. and cute. i know of no other vampires that wear ruffly denim skirts and gap sweaters with their high top sneakers 😉 i love love love how that photo looks enlarged and blended into the background.  it was a slightly out-of-focus original shot, so don’t delete them all, ok? sometimes they can be gems, blur and all.

please click {HERE} to see this layout with full credits in the Inspiration Gallery at

some new digi designers have joined the store, and there’s lots of excitement about their products – most of the digi supplies in my layout above are new DIGITAL offerings from Echo Park Paper Co,  – here and here – making their debut into the digiscrap realm.  it’s awesome stuff.


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  1. Wed September 15 2010 9:14 pm

    I love September too.. Am waiting eagerly for the reds and yellows on the trees!! Love that the days are shorter and I seem to get so much more done now.. Summer was super tiring!

    Love your vampire layout !

  2. Thu September 16 2010 5:47 am

    I love the fall weather, sweaters and sandals living in harmony… Perfect! Not a fan of the back to school, neither the routine nor the expenses.

    Your layout is fantastic, and you’re so right about keeping the less-than-perfect shots.

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