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Wed September 08 2010

want to play along? this was an effer dare last week (Love them. that’s a capital L), and the currents list pops up on lots of blogs, check this one for inspiration.

listening / eating / drinking / wearing / feeling / weather
/ needing / thinking / enjoying / wondering

i love how it’s a moment in my time. held.

it might have to be a regular thing…

digisupplies by Splendid Fiins and Kitschy Digitals. please click {HERE} to see this layout with full credits in the Inspiration Gallery at

and speaking of the effer dares, the newest dare up there has got me thinking it needs more than just one layout. i think that needs to be a minibook…. yes, i do.  although, i do have concerns that such a topic might actually end up being a  maxi book. a mammoth book.  a super-duper, titanic, vast, whale of a book… which, you know, would be totally okay, and probably more than okay, just, liiiiike, a lot. but if this is all in the name of memory keeping and cool artsy making, i think i like that idea.

dare 168: Scrap a soundtrack to a memory.

i have to go now and do some brainstorming. i hope i can find some sticky notes…..

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