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i see a sea star

Fri August 13 2010

we were touristing around this past week with my parents who were here to visit. we have several spots we like to go, and go back to, and take visitors to. Ruckle provincial park (and here) on salt spring island is one of them. Some of us were sure that “grandpa” would like to see the turkeys there (i’m not sure if grandpas are just natural fans of turkeys, but we were pretty sure he wanted to see them! okay.), but they didn’t seem to be out socializing on that day. instead, we did find more sea stars in one tiny little spot than we’ve seen altogether since we’ve been living out here.  very exciting and amazing, and great to show off to our land locked visitors! i have always thought sea creatures among the creepiest things real or imaginary, and living here and seeing them with my own eyes does not dispel this notion in the slightest. creepy, certainly. fascinating, certainly. seeing them with your own eyes? outrageous.

i still have to look everything up to know anything about what’s what (and still know precious little, but i’m trying) so click the following links if you want to know more about sea stars too:

wikipedia E-FAUNA BC Tofino Wildlife The Pacific Wildlife Foundation Ponderosa Designs ceramic souvenir sea stars

here’s what we saw:

that's my mom braving to poke it (gently, of course). she poked every sea thing she saw with a stick.

uurgh!! ack!! see his little tube feet holding onto that rock with suctiony superpowers? he let go one foot at a time right after this. blurg!!

blech. this one looks all flobbery, despite the fact that they are quite rigid to the touch. the tofino wildlife link describes what the center spot is.

i'm no expert but i'm thinking this is not an ochre/purple sea star... leather star maybe? i read they smell like garlic. bug thought this one was really stinky.

it was unreal to see so many of them clustered everywhere! creeptacular

can you see the purple clusters in the photo??! sea star insanity (to my limited experience)


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