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Mon August 02 2010

Ella Publishing has released an awesome and inspiring of the 10 Most Influential Scrapbookers.  Some I am familiar with, including Jessica Sprague, of course. I can’t even tell you have awesome it is to be on her Creative Team! I’m still giddy over it.  Some are new to me and I can’t wait to learn more about them.  Some I knew about and… sort of forgot about (and this happens way more than i’d like to admit, eep).  Shimelle is one of those!  And, looking at her awesome website, it’s clearly been a few trillion years since I’ve checked it out.  I can’t wait to get back and dig deeper.

What I have found already is a nifty little list of prompts for right now. so, you know, i thought i’d jot some things down right now. maybe i’ll do it regularly, maybe i’ll do it when the spirit moves me 😉 you can find these prompts in the pdfs for this free project called ‘this year’ on shimelle’s website {Here}

right now i love

these colours: orange, turquoise and always, black

these places: home, in the shade

these people: my people

these activities: digial scrapbooking, crafting, reading, hanging with the small people

these shoes: my mustardy converse

these songs: Crossfire – Brandon Flowers

these films: The Tudors on dvd; wanting to watch a marathon of all the Harry Potter movies

these books: the Outlander series (i am finishing The Fiery Cross), books with skipping rhymes and traditional kids games

these clothes: pajama pants

these spots in my home: my soft bed

these textures & materials: muslin, fresh sheets, beach sand underfoot

these days of the week: saturday

these parts of my routine: some quiet when everyone else has gone to bed

these experiences: talking with my almost-four year old and hearing how she sees life and how she’s suddenly so conversational (“actually…..”) and exuberant (as always); talking with my eight year old and learning her dreams and fears… and explaining all about university.

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  1. Martha permalink
    Tue August 03 2010 7:08 am

    I do something like that with my kids on their birthdays – they love the “Birthday Interview” – already fun to look back and see their answers!!

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