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little bits of lovely

Fri July 30 2010

i love paper and words and bits of story. i love the idea that you can turn things into other things. i love the giddiness of being in the early throes of love affair with mixed media and assemblage. i love how pieces and parts can make a {new} whole. i love how each voice is  unique and speaks to each of us differently, moves us differently.

my recent thrifting excursions mean i have a nice stock of lovely book pages, awesome trinkets and pieces and stacks of paper that makes me swoon.  but, it’s an awful lot of it for one girl. i could hoard it, but it’s much more fun and inspirational to share it.

i’ve gathered some of the best bits into tidy little just-right sized packages of ephemera for scrapbooking, art journaling or altered art making and listed them in my little big cartel store, artefactual.  perfect for seeking inspiration, adding something special or trying new directions. without the clutter {i’ll manage that!}.

below are photos and links to the packs in the store. i’ll be back with some inspirational images a little later.

happy making!

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