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your one wild and precious life

Thu July 29 2010

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

from Amy Krouse Rosenthal‘s Mission Amy K.R. Quote Book [volume one and only] – you want this {especially if you scrap}

all allproducts click here for full credits:  {Inspiration Gallery}

i journal when i scrapbook, but am noticing that it’s getting more and more brief, and although i like to note the date of the photo and the event/occasion, i don’t prefer to journal like a straight retelling of the  moment. i prefer to journal “from intention” (thanks, Adam Shankman, that was beautiful, i am a sucker for that) — i may need to frame it in the whowhatwherewhen, but i always pin it back to an emotion oran  intangible emotive piece of the story of these little lives.  be you. stay you. your Being-in-the-world-ness.  that’s what i see or feel when i look at the photos, so that’s often the impetus in the whole scrapbooking endeavour, what i want to save.  and i try to choose elements that support that story and complement the photo at the same time.  and sometimes i like to use less words. i kind of felt this photo didn’t need many.

this is the template i started with to make this layout:

now onto regular thursday things… laundry, anyone?  i think maybe some popsicles might be in order today. maybe even some tooth fairy pillow sewing. and some more scrapping and blogging 😉

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