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Fri July 23 2010

i’m so excited to introduce these wee little hearts, new in my store.  they have been a long time coming, and turned out better than i first imagined them {don’t you love it when that happens?!}

one of my thrift store finds was *finally! at long last!* a manual typewriter. and that was the keystone to make it all fall into place:  i got out my muslin {gosh, i love muslin. who knew?}.  i put it IN the typewriter. and it was written in the stars!  could it get any better? oh, you had better believe it can.  first i ripped a page out of Othello, and it was good.  then i selected a delicate page from my undated encyclopedia {the one that actually seems more like an interesting dictionary}, and it was meant to be.  then i threaded some twine into the eyelet, and oh, i thought my heart might burst.

and being such a word geek, there was no other way to make these little heartfelt lovies except by parts of speech {that well known romantic and personal genre}. yeah yeah, i know.  Maranda tells me, “just don’t call them ‘preposition set'”.  and well, some of you know how well i listen to advice…  and those same of you might also know how much i like a thesarus. so, they’re not quite called “preposition set”!  so i’m crafting the nights away {well, maybe the mornings} and stocking the store with

The Heart of the Matter: Relation   between/upon/for/near/past/since/with/from

The Heart of the Matter: Personnel  i/my/you/we/us/he/she/thee

The Heart of the Matter: Junction   and/yet/both/because/how/if/finally/indeed

**If you happen to read the awesome Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess, you’ll see a little discount over there for my store artefactual, good for this weekend only!**

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