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taking notes

Thu July 22 2010

in the moment, i always was SURE i would never forget the day, date, time, angle of sunlight, what i wore, what she wore, the look on his face…. when these little girls reached amazing milestones like walking, saying new words, mastering new skills…  and yet, i totally and completely forget.  thank goodness i scribbled some things in my multiple copies of What to Expect…. and on scraps of notepaper and on strangely tweetybird yellow sheets of cardstock.  (and thank goodness my husband remembers lots of what i forget).  and thank goodness over the eight years and four household moves since, i have managed to collect them from the wacky places i have found those little papers tucked away and stacked them into a much more efficient system – inside the scribbled in What To Expect… and in page protector pockets and… oh well, at least i think i have found most of them.  ahem. {have you seen my recipe collection? beware}

but for sure a much more efficient way to document these little wonderfuls are in scrapbook pages. some are obvious show-stealers like birthdays. some are ritual documentations, like a little interview at the end of each school year.  more easily forgotten and less demanding on your attentions are the “right here, right now” moments. but surely these are the things that will paint such vivid pictures in our minds and hug out hearts when the days and moments pass without much fanfare and suddenly those babies are too big to lift and cuddle or hold your hand crossing the street. when they ask “when did i stop liking pink?” or “what are you talking about, WHEN did i think rainbow coloured skulls were cool?”  um.  i don’t know?!  oh wait, yes, i do!

i used some of the awesome new goodies at to make these memories stay put:

and the coordinating kit, that is a collaboration between The Queen of Quirk and Paislee Press:

so glad to have the canvas and kit to help knock me out of my scrapping block and get some here and now down on the page!

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