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a writer at heart

Fri July 16 2010

… and yet, i find it hard to write.  especially journals. i love doing it. the writing of it, the choosing of words and the finding of better ones, but i also feel incredibly self-indulgent, and do not ever like to return to the page to reread. that feels extremely embarrassing. worse still is if someone else were to read it. did someone read my diary out loud to the school or photocopy its pages and stick them up on lockers when i was younger? not that i recall. i guess i just have wickedly self-conscious tendencies that find my own self being embarrassed at my own earnestness or whatever.  so, journals are sort of uncomfortable, but yet desirable.  so, i’m dabbling in the ‘art journal’ vein. i think it’s a good fit, and a good mix of painterlywriterlyscrapbookishness for me. sometimes 8.5 year old Bug makes along with me, and that’s cool.

also, in full disclosure, i doodle lunch notes for her school lunches. tiny everyday art. some lunch notes have been flipbooks, some elaborate medieval menus, acrostics in Sharpie accordian folded, and encouragments on bananas, you know, that sort of thing.  i should document them more, that would make an awesome minibook.

the other day Write.Click.Scrapbook showed me this cool page by wandercraft and the me in myself recognized this as a kindred spirit approach and gave me the “aha why aren’t i messing around with lettering and words” since that’s really where my heart is. so, you know, i did. and of course those painted colour blocks are awesomeness itself. a few years back i stole a tiny palette of watercolours from my husband, and i covet them.  they’re my favourite. watercolours and Sharpies? yes, please.

helping myself see the few things i like about summer (not too many) the brown in the lower right is the list of why i DON'T like summer. scandalous, i know.

clearly summer is on our minds, this was a different day from my summer reflection. she loves pastels.

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  1. Mon October 11 2010 9:27 pm

    Just ran across this. Love your spin on this! You have great lettering and love love love the watercolor!!

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