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the new R’s: recycle, repurpose, redecorate

Fri July 09 2010

we lucked out with so much thrifted goodies that i could barely carry it out of the shop by myself!  i have been on a {lackluster} mission this week to organize my eight-year old, starting with these radical things called “shelves”.  i had apartment therapy-ized visions of all these kitschy and adorable containers holding her eraser collection and many many many penspencilsmarkersetc and so on.  i still have those visions, but am certainly not trancending them into tangible life {yet}.  but we did score some goods, for less than EIGHT dollars (and this is just some of it!):

itty bitty bowls to hold erasers and the little bits little girls collect

no idea what it "really" is, but for twenty-five cents, it is now proudly displaying a waiting-to-be-read chapter book about a horse ❤

one of our favourite finds - a mini dryer thinger with a hook at the top and clips at the end of each spoke that unflops like an umbrella. oh yah! and in the Perfect colour too!

“after” photos to come {when “after” happens!}

gorgeous orange bundt pan - i may have SNATCHED this off the shelf. eep.

while i may not exactly know how these will be used, i couldn't leave them. i have a thing for muffin tins and loaf pans. and for a grand total of 75 cents, i brought this and a twin home. to the wind, you know, to THE WIND!

do you know, can you even understand, how LONG i have been waiting to find a toast rack to hold my mail?! it feels like all my life. i may not be a big copper-ish fan, but at a quarter, you can twist my arm, okay. now there's the matter of the clutter corner where this should collect my mail and shine all it's glory to the world... eek. this now holds my pacific ocean beach collected ever expanding and rotating collection and stands proudly on a tabletop i am earnestly trying to keep uncluttered so as to best gaze at my thrifty find with love in my eyes. stones formerly lived in a tupperware container (with missing lid). we are SO moving up in the world, baby

and there’s a whole other post worth of MORE that we hauled  home for our seven dollars.  all crafty re-purposey things for my crafty endeavours. can’t wait to show you that next….!

hey! want to go garage sale-ing??!?

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