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Mon July 05 2010

we had a morning art-picnic here the other day, something i intend to do often during the week this summer.  no plans or instructions – just play.  process. experience. of course we celebrate the finished products, but the doing is really the thing.  we have some brand new sketchbooks for just-this purpose.

turkey gravitated to the watercolours, of course. she’s really an edge-to-edge kind of painter, no matter if it’s paper or baked playdough sculptures or whatever – she’s got it Covered! here’s she’s painted a page from my spiral book, and below a sheet of watercolour paper. she also loves scissors, so she cut up some sparkly tags and glued them with abandon.  she actually started with a layer of pink watercolour under all that black!

bug is a bit more ‘schooled’ in art (as in, elementary school classroom), so this no-plan-just-play kind of art picnic is different for her, and that’s kind of the point.  she was inspired by the idea of the vintage book pages i had out in the middle of our space, and she plucked out one she liked with a black and white illustration and watercoloured it in, and went on to write a short short short micro-story sentence about the scene. she was watching me layer papers and things on my page and was inspired by that idea too, and enjoyed gluing tiddlywinks all around with zot glue spots. definitely her highlight of the whole thing was SEWING her chosen tag and elasticy ribbons onto her page! she wasn’t too pleased with her finished product, but we talked about how she enjoyed the making, which is really important. i watched her during her process, and i can see in her finished page all the concentration, choices and decisions made, and in-the-moment-ness that makes it all awesome. and of course, the date stamp stampedstampedstamped all over. kids love this. Sigh.

and really, the sneaky purpose behind all this artsycraftsing with the kidlets is so that i get to play 😉 i’ve been really really inspired by all the art journal info+images i’ve been reading, and it’s also brought me back to The Artist’s Way, which i had completely forgotten about. this is like my morning pages, in a different medium (writing and i are having some issues right now). i can dig that.

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