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this changes everything

Thu July 01 2010

it’s true. i made something. i made a scrapbook page. it’s NOT digital.   [insert awed and speculative pause here]   i finally, totally raided my honeyhusband’s art supply stash {that yes, we have moved there and here and there again all over the country with us} and cracked open those tubes of acrylic. it was like a liberation. i loved it.  it was about an hour, and it was the longest hour of my day. long in a good way, you understand. the rest of the day went too quickly with all the to-dos, and all the kids and all the un-fun things like that that i can never get done or get off the list.  that hour of paints and pastels and sharpie marker and sewing machine+paper was like a magical mary poppins carpet bag hour. i happen to like the end result, which is a nice bonus since it was meant to be for my girl – for her wall or wherever she’d like to put it to see and know what she’s got people in her corner in her life that think she’s awesome. yes indeedy. looks like the dining-room-corner-storage collection of vintage papers and trinkets and general coveting of artsycraftsy things has many uses! 😉

i think part of my liberationsensation was that i deliberately did not concern myself with the world of a zillion and one scrapbook-specific products that i apparently “need”. i used what i had. and it worked. worked for me, at least, which is all it needs to do. i already mentioned this {here}. well, full disclosure: i did indeed use one of evalicious embellies and i did take some inspiration from tina’s studio calico paint effects tutorial but used a palette knife instead to drag the paint, in use-what-your-husband-has and pay-homage-to-your-mother philosophy.

what does it change? well, i want to sew some more paper, that’s for sure.

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  1. verachuckanddave permalink
    Fri July 02 2010 6:08 am

    To use what you have. It’s a very freeing way to think in quilting too. The resourceful and hardy and can-do pioneer women were just glad to have some bits and scraps to stitch together to make something useful and beautiful. At least I like to think that’s how it all started. There is no wrong way to make a quilt. I like your new real scrapbook page. Plus a palette knife is a pleasing thing to hold.

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