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Thu June 24 2010

it’s a beautiful day in this neighbourhood — how about yours?!

i mailed out the first orders from my little big cartel store artefactual this week!

we have been playing some fun+educational online games that have been encouraging some “math talk” in the house, which i think is way beyond awesome.  so awesome, in fact, there’s a whole post coming up about that.

i am realizing that {school} summer vacation is very nearly an immediate reality and am quite unprepared. so i am cobbling together some plans to keep at least 2/3 of us  home-in-the-day-girls occupied.  i have a great, great resistance to planning my home days like i would plan my school days (as in, down to the minute with all transitions accounted for   ), but suspect that a bit of my disorderly-ness might stem for that resistance. ahem… right now loose plans include some pre-planned paloozas and some daily 60 minutes of mucking around with art, and some other things, possibly maybe.  wanting to fill the days with fun, meaningful, low-stress and low-cost kid type fun, if you have suggestions.

i personally, as a parent, loathe the playground, but really can’t see many alternatives to it (other than someone else taking them, ha ha), so i’m storing up ideas to make it more fun for ME! ha ha. maybe i might get to read a paragraph of a book while sitting at the playground this summer? hm, i wonder. {i’ve just started the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, although i was hoping to borrow all summer reading from the library, which now seems unlikely since all the books in the series have serious waiting lists, except randomly, the third. boo. and also am looking forward to reading the newest Sookie Stackhouse book, except a million kazillion people are in line for that one at the library too. boo.} and i think i just might christen this the summer of YA fiction! yay! any good titles i need to read?!

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  1. Thu June 24 2010 5:59 pm

    I love those little journal dots and are those small product card thingers? They look great!

  2. 2girlsandapoodle permalink*
    Thu June 24 2010 11:34 pm

    thanks 😀 yep, well, business card stand-ins, i guess. apparently my creative memories corner rounder punch thing is the best thing i ever got…

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