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artefactual is open for business!

Thu June 17 2010

eek! i am excited to say that my artsycraftsy obsessions has taken me from reading about, to gathering, to making, and now to sharing with you!

i have officially opened a little Big Cartel store, something i’m calling artefactual. i love the idea of artefacts, in all contexts.  from undergraduate archaeology courses to elementary classroom student work portfolios to scrapbooking and documenting life in photos, stories and ephemera. evidence. proof of life. i love the idea that we can contribute and solidify ideas into artefacts of thoughts and experiences. but all that aside, i’m crafting little things that are artefact-ual, or artefact-ish, if that sounded any good which is does not. i’m crafting little things that could help you make artefacts of your ideas and experiences too. a little place to write, draw, paint, or collect some bits that you want to hold on to…  or maybe i’m crafting little things just because. i’m good with looking at it either way!

take a peek, and i’m always thinking ideas and making stuff – so check back often.

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