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seriously <3 long beach and van isle

Mon June 14 2010

it’s a long, long drive with two little kids, and we do.not. surf, and we have not camped yet and we haven’t even brought the dog yet either, but if i could i would drive out to tofino every and any weekend. i love that place. i love that beach. i love that ocean.  i love that coast. i also love the crazy craggy wildness that is ucluelet, but we haven’t explored that place as much yet {but totally hope to}.

but here’s the main thing: when i see my two kids running down that massive beach, flying kites, playing with their dad, jumping waves, drawing with driftwood…. i know there is no better place to live. it’s awesome here. i love that we can see such epic aewsomeness every day.  i loved that when we lived in calgary – seeing the rocky mountains in the distance every day and taking that short drive to be a part of them. i missed that in ontario. not that ontario doesn’t have it’s own canadian shield, boreal forest beauty. it totally does, but it’s just not the same! seriously.

bug isn’t nearly impressed enough for my liking with the scenery and splendid panoramic views here, but then i got to thinking and she grew up (well, birth to the ripe old age of 5) with those rocky mountains as “normal” so maybe her normal just includes amazingness.  hey, that’s okay!  it can’t be a wholly bad thing to expect amazing in life.

and now here’s this 3.5 year old, learning this new amazing means ordinary normal.  i dig it, i do.

please click HERE to see this layout in the {Inspiration} gallery at with full credits to the digital awesomeness i used.

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