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happy birthday to you! sale + awesomeness

Mon June 07 2010

Who doesn’t like a birthday party??! is celebrating three years of awesomeness and in typical Jessica style she’s giving US presents!  You bet.  All the lovely digi products in the store are on sale AND some of her classes – now, that’s awesome.   Here, I’ll let her tell you all about it:

Ready for more birthday gifts? Starting today, June 7th, through Monday, June 21st, all digi products and self-paced classes currently available will be on sale for 20% off! June 7th x we are 3 = June 21st. See, aren’t we getting smart in our old age? 😉 So be sure to load up those external hard drives with major digi goodness!

Do you want another gift? Can you handle another one that is just as fabulous as the last? Announcing a BRAND NEW class, Computer Tricks for Cardmaking! And guess what? IT’S FREE! Registration for this FREE class will run June 14th-28th with class starting on the 28th. So start texting, post on your blog, update your Facebook, send out the mass e-mails, make some phone calls, PM your Spraguemates, tell the person sitting next to you, and let the whole world know! 🙂 Enjoy our new digi goods! Remember, old and new are 20% off for two whole weeks!

Jessica’s classes are A.wesome {with a capital A}, here are some of my favourites and some on my wish-list!!

I’m taking this one right now – and only maybe one or two lessons in, she’s changing how i do this stuff for the better:

Here’s a wish-list class – there’s no end to how much i love brushes, and i really know virtually nothing but the basics about using them:

but digi products??!  first love.  and the store is getting stocked with more and more goodies.  here are some of my favourites:

okay – these may not look terribly exciting on first glance, but i whole-hearted heart things like this – you can use them in so many ways and they can take on so many different personalities.  this is a must have! i used them here and here… 😀

now the alpha!! i have no end of love for this alpha!  see, i used it here and here and here and here aaaaand here!!!.  what did i tell you! l.o.v.e. and psssst… it’s on sale! grab it. use it! love it!

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