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why do i smell cotton candy?

Fri June 04 2010

i have no idea, but you can be sure that i sure do wish i had some now…

i think we squeezed enough things into one friday:

we walked the poodle to her groomer for a shave and a haircut {way more than two bits} in the warm morning sun, and i made a small stack of adorable mini journal jot books {you’re going to want one, just you wait}.

we hid out inside while all of the outside got drenched in a pouring downpour {yes, that’s right, i thought it was sunny too}.

i “turned the bed” in Turkey’s room, which really means rearranging all the furniture, with all the sweeping, washing, dusting, putting away and muttering that goes with such activity.

we dashed in {in the rain}and out{into the sun} of the local thrift store with about $4 worth of goodies. i will capture that to share with you tomorrow, i hope. although tomorrow might hold one AWESOME and fully awe-inspiring drive to what i think is my new favourite place on earth: TOFINO.  click here to see a fun surf video (NOT that we surf, at all).

but wait, there’s more about today…

we picked up Bug at school and had to go back into the school to pick up our DVDs of her school play – 3. one for us, and one each for her grandparents-es.

we went back out to run a few necessary errands which wound up including a stop at the dollar store (with i generally do not adore – today’s no different) to get a readily available and inexpensive deck of cards with which to play any and all of the fabulous games in our newly picked up hold from the library: card games for kids.

THEN we stopped at the “small park” against my better judgement {it was already late and already someone who is three was ending everylittlething in tears…} which ended in tears but was a fun 20 minutes before bedtime anyway

and of course, i scrapbooked:

please click on the image above to see the page in the {Inspiration} gallery at and see the full credits – these lovely ladies are awesome at what they do! is turning three and some awesome fun scrappy things are going on over there READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE, including a party hat freebie template available right now– and the awesome fun is actually going to spill over to here in a couple of weeks!  watch for some awesomeness that you can keep.

have a happy saturday – i think we’re going to fly some kites, watch some clouds go by and listen to the Pacific roar!

oh and…          can you smell it too?

Cotton Candy by letsgorideabike.

{from letsgorideabike on flickr}

candy floss.JPG by markbarky.

{markbarky at flickr}

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