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Mon May 31 2010

so, we’ve been doing some more touristing around these parts lately (i typically feel like a tourist that lives here) – especially since my mother came to visit last week!  the girls had a long, long list of things they wanted to do with her while she was here, a list that also included things they did NOT want to do, such as “go driving all over the place” again.  we were able to check almost everything off the list – playground: check.  candy shoppe: check. Salt Spring Island: check.  beach: check. trolley: check.  trolley?? yep, trolley.

i’ve mentioned the public transitmobile here before -> see HERE. and yes, i will admit that it has embarrassingly taken us almost a full year to get on the thing, even though we see it several times a day. with each sighting marked with the jubilant shout of a trolley-spotting three year old: “Trolley!!!”.

so we four girls hopped on, made a donation, and rode the trolley like it was a sightseeing tour bus (which apparently is a commonly done thing) all around town, and a little bit out of town. i know i saw parts of town and aspects of neighbourhoods i haven’t noticed before, and i know my mother saw how freaking beautiful the scenery is around here, from nearly every street in town.  and now, the kids have been there, done that: when we see the trolley now, we’re not so excited. now we say “i been on that already.” yep, do it right the first time, kids, make it count.

please click on the image above to see the layout with full credits over at

some great new products for More In Store Monday at!  i just can’t help gobbling up anything from Splendid Fiins – her stuff is like candy! so awesome.  i used a new template for this layout, and it’s one of a whole set that i think i will use for all the photos of this visit, then print.  the last time the girls’ grandparents visited was in october 2009, and i am embarrased to say, unsurprisingly though, that i am STILL working on the album from that trip too!  although that one is a little handmade 4×6 paper album. see:

{pppsst:  i know where you can get an album like this and/or those little embellies!!!! coming soon!!!!}


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