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of mixed tapes and memories and doodleart

Wed May 26 2010

some of my favourite things are still in boxes.  i would like to say “since we moved here” but really they’ve been in boxes since about 2004. but that’s okay.  periodically i visit the closet where they’re stored and root through the boxes and find treasures and old friends.  i wonder if my husband knows he moved some certain “cassingles” from the 90’s and some 45’s from the jukebox across the country, as well as an absolutely unbound paperback copy of the thorn birds, and a dog chewed copy of the drifters (three times)… (but hey, we have also dragged his stacks of art books and guitar books and art supplies and art portfolios and an ever growing motley assortment of sports equipment and hodgepodgedly stored all of them too).

anyway today i was looking for a stack of retro poetry anthologies i pinched from a school i was working in (where there were stacked to go in recycling, thank you very much).  i found them AND i found the box with those cassingles and 45’s.  tommy fowler (whoever you are), i have your sylvia’s mother dr. hook and the medicine show 45, if you were looking for that. also in that box are my mixed tapes that i could.not. get rid of during the great purge of 2009 and 2006. they’re more vivid than a yearbook for me, i heart them so much.  some of them are so wild – i mean, who puts filter and dean martin in the same mix? apparently me. some of them are so embarrassing – i mean, pump up the jam? yes, i still know all the words. some of them were given to me – the queen is dead, for instance, because i didn’t have that one yet. manymost of them are cryptically titled “mixed” and some along the lines of even “green tape” (because the songs were written in green pen) – apparently i have long been a fan of ambiguity. some of them display some artful covers that i doodly drew and painted (while in the throes of a silver-paint-pen love affair as well) – i like to see that i’ve had that tendency for a long time too.

probably the most influential mixed tape of the pile is one my uncle made – it’s dated SEP 2 1990. i was a tender and impressionable not-quite-15 year old, just transitioning out of my rick astley phase. twenty years later, these particular songs are still awesome, and you can still see their influence in my current playlists and music preferences. how awesome is that!? thanks, ben!

click here –> retro playlist! to listen!     (can’t embed widget? sorry, it’s a link to the playlist at grooveshark)

Mood Side:

  • Bad (Live) – U2 1985
  • Wishful Thinking – China Crisis 1983
  • One Step Ahead – Split Enz 1981
  • Breakfast in Bed – UB40 with Chrisse Hynde 1988
  • Speak Like A Child – Style Council 1983
  • Oblivious – Aztec Camera 1984
  • South Central Rain – R.E.M. 1984
  • Spirit Is The Journey – Juluka 1983
  • Umbaquanga Music – Juluka 1983
  • Ask-  The Smiths 1984
  • Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths 1984

Fun Side:

  • Twist and Crawl/Best Friend – English Beat 1984
  • Annie Get Your Gun – Squeeze 1982
  • Love Plus One – Haircut One Hundred 1982
  • Just Like Heaven – The Cure 1988
  • Dreaming Of Me – Depeche Mode 1983
  • Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before – The Smiths 1988
  • Blue Savannah Song – Erasure 1990
  • People Who Grinned Themselves To Death – The Housemartins 1987
  • June Bride – China Crisis 1986
  • Lovecats – The Cure 1985
  • London Girl – The Pogues 1986
  • Lips Like Sugar – Echo and the Bunnymen 1987

mixed SEP 2 1990 on BASF Chrome Maxima II 90

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