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the one with a new layout and a story about it

Tue May 18 2010

whoopsie,  is it really tuesday already?! i am such a procrastinator. we’ve left ‘funny’ behind and are wobbling up to ‘whoopsie’ in more areas than one 😉

i have to share this – especially after the previous post about “how do you do it?” and where does inspiration come from? below is my most recent scrapbooking layout for – and i loveLovelove these new papers that Splendid Fiins has in the store! i love the order of the plaid lines and squares, and the messy sensibility of the handdrawn look.  (and yes, i hate writing on the lines, all in a line…)

but how long did this take me to finish? oh about 30 minutes.  plus THREE DAYS. yes indeed. this is one puppy that went through many many versions – different compositions, three photos, one photo, two photos, all entirely different photos, then i gave up on composition altogether and tried a template and while that was grinding away i was at the same time pondering my use of patterned paper.  see, i don’t usually use a lot.  and i was trying to use a lot. and it wasn’t working.  so with the template exposing broad swaths of pattern (awesome, cheery fantastic pattern, mind you), i was uncomfortable and began wondering if i couldn’t just line up a  bunch of patterns under the photo… ah-ha! yes!  that’s when the three days of wanderings ended and my thirty minutes of productivity began.  the super cool thing about awesome designer digital templates is that they usually come with goodies that you can repurpose, so to speak.  so i borrowed the painterly frame from the template i had been trying to use and plunked it on a new layout with a new photo and 25-ish minutes later, a jpg was born.

please click on the image above to see it in the gallery with full credits – these designer ladies are 100% awesome.

i mean really – i love these papers.  maybe it’s a mom thing – but i just want to scoop up armfuls of fresh from the dryer kiddie sized clothes that look like this 😉  see –>

and SERIOUSLY I KID YOU NOT, finally, that super special announcement is coming! coming soon!  come back soon, y’all. you don’t want to miss this!

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  1. Kim(gilmoregirl) permalink
    Wed May 19 2010 11:22 am

    I love those papers too! And I often wander before a lo is done. Your final destination is great!

  2. Thu May 20 2010 8:20 am

    Absolutely love all those bright colours, and you used just the right amount. I’m going to have to get my hands on that little tree, since green is apparently my new favourite colour. That’s really close to the colour we just painted the baby’s room.

    Awesome layout, and as always super adorable subject! 🙂

  3. 2girlsandapoodle permalink*
    Wed May 26 2010 1:45 pm


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