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tagline: a little sister goes a long way!

Fri May 14 2010

my kid reads like lightening.  i am constantly amazed, and constantly under-estimating this talent.  i mean, i read fast, and her dad reads a tad faster, with some photograph-ie-like memory stuff thrown in,  but this kid is a phenom,I swear.  anyway, she has blazed her way through all of the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.  I happen to still love Ramona, and on occasion do read them on my own.  (I feel so  very daring lately since I have branched out from picture books and and the 8-11 bracket novels to – gasp – real YA!) (did i forget to mention i’m a teacher? makes more sense now, doesn’t it).  i always enjoyed Ramona and never really paid any attention to Beezus, but i was an only child and had no sister-experience to connect with.  i realize now that Bug might like Beezus — because like Beezus, she is an older sister, with one heck of a younger sister personality sharing life with her.  i have a feeling that this summer’s big highly-anticipated theatre outing will include a little Ramona and Beezus. i know i can’t wait, anyway!

new scrapbook stuff coming up for the More In Store Monday goodness (oh so good goodness!! woowie) at > watch for it!

happy Friday!

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  1. Fri May 14 2010 2:13 pm

    Having boys, this movie was off my radar entirely, but we have a similar experience happening with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My older two boys LOVE that series and have read them again and again, and I totally love them too. Unfortunately we missed the theatre release for reasons I can’t remember, but it’s playing this week-end at the drive-in and we are THERE!

    Haden also goes through books like crazy, it’s astounding how fast he can read them. Thankfully he enjoys re-reading, and we have our neighbourhood bookmobile every week to keep us stocked up!

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