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a little mraz makes it wonderful

Sat May 08 2010

hey – ANY excuse to put my “jasonmraz” tag to work.  the 7 Days in May daily challenges at are completely fun – i have only managed to complete two (HERE is #one). but this last one – completely a favourite! Liv (and here) challenged us to scrapbook a layout using photos and words to answer the question “what is life”, using only ONE sentence (and by that she clarified one that has one capital and one period, but may have as many words as you can make a sentence have – super for me, since i love run-on sentences, and love to disregard the rule about capitals.  i can add a period, even though i sometimes forget them and sometimes choose to forgo them…) Inspiration for the challenge was jason mraz’s song Life is Wonderful (see below).  OK!  I think you can count me in on that challenge! I also managed to combine this with my other sketch that came to me as if in a dream (har) and that i challenged myself to try. i love it, and i love it.

please click HERE to see the layout in the gallery at with full credits.

i think definitely one of my most favourite things i have written (to my kids) in a scrapbook, ever.  i will post the other contender for that prize another day.

and, the inspiration: Life is Wonderful

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  1. Mom permalink
    Sat May 08 2010 7:32 am

    That’s a run-on sentence to beat all! Love this page, particularly the circle of clear hearts, love the darling picture, the ‘eye of the beholder’. Love the line like an ECG extending to the word ‘life’, love the glitter, the buttons, the plaid ribbon, the lines of stitching, the shoes, the girls and their dad, the whole darn thing. Oh my!

  2. Sat May 08 2010 8:45 am

    Wow! This page is totally “you”! Love the mixed up fonts and alphas for your superduperlongrunonsentence. Whenever I try that it just looks messy, but you always make it look fabulous and artsy. Love the eye-catching-ness of the word life over and over.

    I don’t know who Jason Mraz is, but I’ll check out the vid; I like the lyrics you’ve chosen.

  3. Sat May 08 2010 1:56 pm

    Oh, i misunderstood. Is this another one of those things you think i ‘should’ know? 😛 like the other guy you like… john mayer? I pretty much only listed to the “70s on 7” and “Lithium” channels 😉

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