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one big scrappy post

Wed May 05 2010

fun times again, documenting memories of and for these girls of ours. some new {awesome!!} product releases at this week yielded some new LO, as are the {awesome!!} challenges they’re throwing down over there as part of their 7 Days in May celebration.

Some {awesome!!} new elements from Splendid Fiins:

turned into this:  (click to see posting in the gallery with credits)

and also used great {awesome!!} stuff from Kitschy Digitals, Liv.E Designs, iKari, Creativity by Crystal and Pattie Knox.

These {awesome!!} new frames from Liv.E Designs:

turned into this: (click on image to see posting in the gallery with full credits)

using lots of products from those same awesome designers linked above. This one was really fun to do, and I had inspiration from the Effer Dares‘ Dare 161 – skateboard graphics. If you know me, you’re laughing – what the heck do I know about skakeboarding? I know how to google, that’s what. I grabbed one of the first things I saw that looked fun, and also looked EXACTLY almost like Liv’s new Offest Frames, and I was off and running – here’s my starting point:

Wait!! Don’t go anywhere –  there’s more….!!

A week of daily challenges is underway at, and the first one challenged us to use oversized letters as accents or embellishments, to use stripes, and to use no more than one photo.  Check, check and check:

(click on image to see photo and full credits in gallery)

and, i’m working on more 😉

and will return to post some non-scrapbooky things soon too.


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