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family photos+7 days in May

Sun May 02 2010

i’ve been a scrapping fool the last week – it’s been so fun, so needed!  Jessica Sprague herself hosted a webinar chat last night and even though i couldn’t stay for very long {those 2 girls and that poodle….} – I learned SO much is the maybe seven minutes that I was there! Amazing.  Absolutely no exaggeration here.  In the first minute she taught me something in PSE that i have always wondered how to do.  How good can you get?

i’m also, as we speak, taking her “This Old Photo: Restoring Vintage Snapshots” class.  Sure, I could probably a) just scan the photo and leave it at that, or b) set aside gobs of time to trying stuff and playing around and hoping i make them look better and not knowing what i did when i do, but it’s so exciting to LEARN HOW to do it the right way, a way i can repeat and repeat with success every time.  this is important, since i have a pretty large collection of photographs from both of my grandmothers – prints from the end of the 1800’s to the 1980’s, as well as lots of slides.  And right now, they are living on the top shelf of my closet.  But with Jessica’s expert help, I am now in the process of scanning them and restoring them and preserving them.  I could send these out to a far-away company to do FOR me, but I like the process that requires me to interact with all of these photos and my ancestors.  I get to get my hands dirty, so to speak.  Otherwise, I might have all my photos digitized, but I wouldn’t have such an intimate and personal relationship with the.  And that, my friends, is priceless.

{i}NSD may be over, but i’m looking forward to all the fun and goodies happening at this week — the site is hosting their 2nd Annual 7 Days in May — a week of challenges and fun.  i love how challenges help move us out of the same-old-same-old and get us trying new things, new perspectives, new takes on our own memories.  if you document your family’s memories, it’s well worth popping by to join it.  it’s a pretty great community to be a part of too!

also – come back tommorrow for some new LOs from me!

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