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Sat May 01 2010

i just can’t resist kid-drawings.  they’re one of my very favourite things in the world.  i love those blob people with a passion, and love even more the stories and tall tales that come with them (yes, i am a kindergarten teacher, how did you know).  i can’t bear to part with tons of Bug’s drawings from when she was smaller,  and now the Turkey is joining the club.  this time around, my scanner is going to be an awesome archivist.

first she drew the large figure, showed me with great delight and explained that “this is me when i am angry”.  please note that apparently i am mother to one jack-o-lantern faced mermaid.

i asked her if maybe she could put an “M” on it, so we would always know that it’s a picture of herself.  she replied, “Of COURSE I can!” and did.  and added a few extra details…

she skippy hopped over to show me and explain that “these are lots of FRIENDS”.  we couldn’t get any cuter!

but, then we DID!  she laid the page down on my laptop keyboard and showed me that one in particular had a tail, because “it’s a mermaid”, and then added some tiny wings  to the blobby shapes.

oh, we are SO CUTE.

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  1. Mom permalink
    Sat May 01 2010 12:52 pm

    Dad and I love this! We have a framed picture that your Bug did when she was that age, it’s a picture of your family, you’re all blobs. Love it.

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