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dear mom – i don’t know either

Thu April 29 2010

it’s kind of cool to become a mom and understand how a daughter (being one yourself) grows into appreciating her mother and what she does for you (and i don’t mean the literal stuff, like the dishes).  it gives me hope that my kids won’t always be eight and three.  plus, i can look back at my own past self and see that so many things that were a) SO IMPORTANT at the time and b) likely so infuriating to other people at the time, were in fact “PHASES” (YAY!!) and, again, there is hope that some things will be outgrown and come out the other side like a butterfly.

so, yes, this is a strange was to start a post about scrapbooking, but you have to go with what you’ve got sometimes.  my own mother commented on a layout i just did and said all sorts of nice stuff and ended with “I don’t know how you do it!”.  I didn’t realize i was thinking about that today, but it just came back to me now and here i am typing this.

i don’t know how it happens either exactly.  i can say i’ve noticed two ways of happening, not that they are any sort of reproducible tutorial.  ideas sometimes appear (more in a moment), and most other times it’s like stream of consciousness — start with a beginning point and follow where it leads.  that’s my favourite sort of thing.  that and a good contradiction. where the ideas themselves come from… i don’t know either.  “How to Make Arty/Designish/Scrapbooky Thingers: Step 1. Wait until Ideas appear.” Oh good.

but anyway, inspiration helps, i know that, so massive amounts of scrapbooking galleries, products, blogs, design blogs, font browsing and photo surfing in a relatively short time frame have my brain literally shooting off sparklers.  hello ordinary normal, meet dendrites.

i was walking down our stairs and i saw this in my head {first sketch} and then i was looking at some mouthwatering fresh and cool new products and i saw this in my head {second sketch}.  so i sketched them out.  now i will challenge myself to actually make sure they get made and see if this is how i do it.

i am forever sketching and mapping out little tiny things and writing lots and lots and lots of things. i have so, so many lists (a whole paper sized list) with one thing listed. can you even call it a list then?  i try to carry one notebook (i ❤ moleskine) to do this in, and one notebook becomes seventeen and a forest of sticky notes and scraps, plus some ipod notes and some wordpad notes and sometimes i even email myself and blog myself reminders, and you don’t want to see my browser bookmarks.  i have not conquered this organizational shortcoming yet.  i did realize that my house needs to be more like one of my favourite places – an empty classroom (yes, i like ’em empty – there’s so much room to think!) and a big, huge wall covering chalkboard.  i am seriously dedicating myself to “one day” (note the actual low commitment inherent there) having an actual school classroom chalkboard in my house. then i can think. and have a place to stick my sticky notes.

so, anyway. i found myself sketching these scribbly lined sketches (and to this day i am not sure if i would naturally have become a scribbly line sketcher, or if that’s because i live with my husband and i look at some of his scribbly lines daily, and even though he doesn’t really seem like a scribbly line guy he is, and i lov THAT contradiction too. thanks to you, JDA.) and i thought, oh? i don’t usually do this.  then i remembered my mom commenting about how i/we do this.  and then i sat down to write this meandering tale.

i guess what i mean to say is my mom made a comment that has made me be more reflective of the process i am in, what works for me, and thereby getting to know this side of myself a little tiny bit better rather than it passing by.  thanks, mom.

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  1. Mom permalink
    Fri April 30 2010 6:34 am

    I am your biggest fan. Until the end of my life and for the eternity after that, I will be your biggest fan. And here you’ve written this lovely piece and ended it with the two most powerful words a mother can hear. I am …….. overwhelmed.

  2. 2girlsandapoodle permalink*
    Fri April 30 2010 9:08 am

    well, gosh…!

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