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three dollaroonies

Wed April 28 2010

so guess what.  i dragged the Turkey to the “frift store” again, on the claim of specifically finding a vase for a specific purpose.  i found a vase… it might not be exactly what i wanted, but at the outlandish price of twenty-five cents, i got in anyway just in case it works for what i want.  Turkey lucked out this time too and added to her already chaotic and overflowing toy collection one forlorn Cabbage Patch baby seat, now clean and spic and spanny and holding her delicious smelling Corelle doll named Kayla.  {and, abandoned on the living room floor. boy am i ever glad that plastic unnecessary was only a quarter.}

i have grand plans and actually some production on all my good ideas for the lovely treasure i am thriftedly finding.  stay tuned. i know i have said that before, but i really do mean it!

i am quickly developing an addition to old/vintage board game cards.  they are really interesting. i am also quickly amassing a collection…

also found today – delightful patterned cards from some version of an “Outburst Jr” game that have some sort of non-sequitur like topics on one edge. a little quirk is good. they stick into one of those red things to read the hidden “magic” words obscured by the red pattern.  but i just like the red pattern! they are double sided, the topic on the back side is on a solid pink strip rather than blue. and there are approximately eleventy million of them x two sides = seemingly infinity cards:

the game includes these little numeral cards.  there seems to be only one of each, so let’s call these precious and coveted and whatever will we do with them?!

for another quarter i couldn’t resist this teal coloured index card box full of what appear to be very outdated and possibly extinct floppy diskette envelopes.  some are marked with brands such as Tandy, Lotus and Microsoft, others are entirely blank.  all are promising of very much paper, enveloppy fun and goodness. {above}

and these?  i have no idea what to do with , but for another caribou coin, i could not just leave them there.  they obviously need a new home, and a new life.  a giant stack of Babysitter’s Memo Pads, from an insurance company, i believe – plus one larger sized Things-To-Do list pad, all in one also-giant-sized mature Betty Crocker recipe box. {above}

i’ve been trolling the vintage used books and haven’t been able to make any conclusive decisions on what i want, which is silly really, but this one has such a nice deckled edge that i also couldn’t leave it – so it joins a small collection of mostly vintagey children’s books (and one Othello that looks so nice with handwritten notes in the margins that i almost want to save it) for now. {below}

and that, mostly, is what my three dollaroonies got me at the frift store.

yesterday was a “Pro-D” day for the Bug so there was no school.  We learned how to make origami boxes and entertained ourselves and the Turkey with that for a while.  Now we have little tiny colourful square (empty) boxes all over the house…

am spending this strange sunny-but-bursts of -buckety-rainy-sometimes-warm-then-chilly day in comfortable clothes, scrapping with digital supplies and some inspiration from the Effer Dares, folding some paper,  and grooving to some Glee, some Paramore, and some Simon & Garfunkel… with a little side of coffee and ice cream. oh yes.

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  1. Thu April 29 2010 4:19 am

    Amazing finds yet again! Love the board game cards, you could do all kinds of things with those (including hair clip product cards? :P) and you could cut off the blue part and use it separately from the red if you choose. The floppy disc envelopes could hold any number of goodies, too fun!

    I’m so jealous of your frift store adventures, so fun!

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